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Demtech Services

Demtech provide a number of onsite services such as Insitu Systems™ supply and installation as well as internal and external waterproofing. We also offer manufacturing services such as product design/prototyping, injection moulding, block moulding and CNC machining.

See below for a full list of our services. 

Construction Services 


Site Measures

If you are looking to install our Insitu Systems™ shower bases, shower niches or balcony panels we are able to provide a site measure service to ensure that the measurements are 100% accurate and the site is free of any issues which may prevent install. At this point we also install the shower base/balcony outlets into the substrate which allow the plumbers to connect up prior to shower base/balcony installation.

Insitu Systems™ supply and installation

Once a site measure has been completed, Demtech can provide a supply and installation service for our Insitu Systems™ shower bases, shower niches, shower shelves, shower seats and balcony panels.

With a number of accreddited install teams accross Victoria we are sure to have a team in your area!

Internal and External Waterproofing

Demtech provide internal and external waterproofing for a number of volume builders throughout Victoria. Whether its a bathroom, balcony or a retaining wall, Demtech have the right products for the job with our very own Cureflex™ waterproofing product range.

Protective Floor Coating

Demtech provide a supply and installation service for our TFC300 – Textured Floor Coating, which is a protective/decorative coating for concrete.

This two-part polyaspartic floor coating is extremely hard wearing and fast curing. 

Perfect for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications such as garages, driveways warehouses and factories.

Manufacturing Services

Product Design/Modelling

Starting with just an idea, we can create a design brief and assist with concept development to create a product which is not only viable, but performs at its peak.

Our team will work closely with you all the way from basic 2D and 3D working drawings through to complex, high detailed CAD model designs. 

3D Printing & Prototyping

Demtech have 3D printing machines which enable us to create a prototype of products from a completed 3D CAD design. Prototypes enable you to hold the product in your hand and give you an insight into how it will function prior to creating the tool for production.

Injection Moulding

Demtech also provides a full custom plastic injection moulding service. Our machines vary in size, meaning no matter what the size of your product, we have the capabilities to help you manufacture it.

PU Block Moulding

Demtech manufacture a specially formulated polyurethane which we call Flexothane.  This is poured into moulds which create PU blocks which can be used for a variety of different applications.

Fast Wire Cutting

Demtech have a number of fast wire cutting machines which can be used to cut a number of materials into exact thickness panels.

CNC Machining.

Demtech have a number of state of the art CNC machines which can be programmed to cut almost any shape or design into a number of materials with millimetre accuracy.

Demtech Australia Pty Ltd.




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