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What is an AQUAFLO™ Kit?

AQUAFLO™ Linear Water Grates provide a sleek and sophisticated solution for water drainage. Style equal to performance with a patented system offering a seamless design for shower bases, bathrooms, balconies, roof-tops, gardens, path-ways and many more.

Pictured: AQUAFLO™ Brushed Aluminium Kit.

The choice is yours with AQUAFLO™

Custom made-to-order

Choose either a 65mm or 100mm wide channel, custom cut to any length you might require.

Stylish finishes

Choose between brushed aluminium, matte black finish or a number of laser-cut stainless steel designs.

Easy maintenance

The removable Cover Plate allows easy access for maintenance. A shower drain you won't mind cleaning.

INSITU™ compatible

Designed specifically to work with INSITU™ bases and balconies. Precision engineered to provide a complete solution.


AQUAFLO™ Visualizer

AQUAFLO™ Cover Plate conceals the water channel underneath and sits flush at the same height of the surrounding tiles.

AQUAFLO™ Height Adjusters hold the Cover Plate securely in place while allowing water to flow through uninterrupted.

AQUAFLO™ has been designed to allow the waste point (Pipe Outlet) to be installed anywhere along the length of the channel.

AQUAFLO™ Taipan Kit

The AQUAFLO™ Taipan Kit is a variation on the traditional kit, which replaces the standard Cover Plate with a slotted Taipan Cover Plate which is tiled over, leaving a seamless, discrete, gap between the tiles for the water to drain.


AQUAFLO™ Visualiser

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