TX88 Adhesive 20kg


Cureflex TX88 extreme is a superior flexible powdered adhesive specifically engineered for high performance adhesion in complete submerged applications such as swimming pools, ponds and water features. Suitable for all types of porous and non porous tiles, pavers, and substrates flexible or rigid, interior or exterior.

Cureflex TX88 extreme is a premium grade adhesive designed to withstand high traffic and heavy load areas such as shopping centers and dealership show room floors where vehicles, boats and trailers may be used.

Cureflex TX88 extreme offers superior compressive and flexural strength whilst maintaining optimum high adhesion performance in submerged or under extreme load applications.

Cureflex TX88 extreme technologically advanced formulation is structured using only premium grade European Engineered polymer modified powders (PMP) and additives, combined with uniquely blended natural and acrylic micro fibers mixed with various grades of kilned dried aggregates. The combination of these carefully selected constituents form an integral part of this high performance adhesive.

Cureflex TX88 extreme has been field and laboratory tested to ensure that it satisfies industry requirements.

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