TT77 Adhesive 20kg


Cureflex TT77 is a new generation flexible powdered tile adhesive designed as a wall to floor tiling and paving bonding agent. Its unique formulation offers superior compressive strength and flexibility while maintaining optimum adhesion performance on a wide range of tiles, pavers and substrates flexible or rigid, interior or exterior.

Cureflex TT77 is engineered as an excellent mid to high range, which is easy to work with. There is no slumping when using large tiles, no shrinkage during curing stage and extended open time up to 30-40 minutes longer than standard adhesives. Cureflex TT77 consists of premium grade constituents such as: European Engineered polymer modified powders (PMP) combined with a blend of recycled natural and acrylic micro fibres as well as various graded aggregates.

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