Adjustable Leak Control Flange


Nero Adjustable Leak Control Flange is the world’s most sophisticated, innovative water grate flange introduced to the plumbing and construction industry. NERO (LCF) is an all-in one leak control flange that offers multiple adaptions for both water grates and water pipes. It’s designed to eliminate any confusion and expense in having to mix and match common flanges, grates and pipes. It also allows for the height of the grate to be adjusted to suit any application.

NERO Adjustable Leak Control Flange has been specifically engineered with a centre flow tapered flange eliminating any risk of ponding thus providing a free flow effect that enable water to travel down the pipe without restriction.

Its impressive square design allows perfect streamlined angles when installed in an Insitu (pre-formed) shower base application. This is extremely useful when installing segmented tiles over shower base.

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